• Jim and Willie

    Searching out  antiques and collectibles has been more than just a hobby to me for over 35 years. The passion in “the hunt” is to find items that have their own history and uniqueness always keeping in mind, “how will this fit into my environment?” You might often feel the energy of an item when making a purchase which lets you know that you are following your instincts and making a “right” decision.

    Our sign out front

    Nothing has pleased me more over the years than seeing and hearing people’s reactions to my collections. I hear this in my store and know that items that I have loved over the years will continue to be loved and enjoyed by their new owners. I will be featuring many one of a kind items for sale each month on our web site.

    Purchases may be made by telephone or e mail. We accept Discover Card, Master Card, Visa or Pay Pal. Shipping charges will be determined prior to shipment and billed at that time. We look forward to bringing an new treasure into your life. One that will both compliment your environment and bring the joy of collecting once again into your life.